Luke MacCallumAnimals Need Help And Compassion Toronto 

I'm gonna break it break it down for you people right now
got a message goin' out to the people who eat cow
you're wasting all the resources and food for the poor
but hey it dont affect you, you dont have to see the gore
we could be growing twenty thousand pounds of potatoes 
or ten thousand pounds of those red red tomatoes
instead the land is used for 165 pounds of beef
thats a waste of land, let alone a waste of life
when you feed a cow 8 pounds of grain to digest
it yields one pound of meat or less
the #1 cause of death in this fuckin' nation
is heart disease linked to beef ingestion
so not only are you perpetuating world hunger
but youre also ensuring that you die a little younger
so go ahead and live your life with a blindfold on your eyes
but when you have a heart attack it wont be a surprise

well how would you feel, if i came to your house
and i ate your dog, and i killed your mouse?
well how would you feel if i went in your room
smashed your hamster with a hammer buddy?
and swept it up with a broom?
you'd be fucking devastated, yeah youd cry and cry
whyd he have to do it, whyd fluffy have to die?
well you know how i feel, when you murder my friends
lock them up in cages, pin them up in pens

now what i say is true and dont you ever forget it
and if you ever do then you wont live to regret it
but im not gonna shut up till i get my point across
if you are eating dairy then its more than just your loss
theres a reason why i stick to my Rice Dream and my Silk
cause there's a teaspoon of blood in every gallon of cows milk
but thats not all youre getting when you drink bodily fluid
theres chemicals and hormones and bacteria in it
they hook a big machine up to the poor girls udder
milk her dry, put a bullet in her head, and then throw her in the gutter
if a cow were a human youd call then a murderer or a sinner
but that doesnt seem to matter cause BEEF ITS WHATS FOR DINNER

dairy consumers support the veal industry
impregnate a cow and what happens to the baby?
they live their short horrid lives in dark solitude
until their head is chopped off and their served as someones food

well how would you feel, if i milked your mom?
hooked a hose up to your sister and didnt feel it was wrong?
well how would you feel, if i stole your kids
locked em up in my basement, and fed the their own friends?
you'd be fucking devastated, yeah youd cry and cry, whyd he have to do it? 
what a heartless guy! 
well you know how i feel
when you lock up my friends
rape them their entire dark life
till the day that it ends...

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