ethical eating        causesAt the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market, the largest farmers’ market in British Columbia, my partner will stand and gaze longingly at a basket of peaches or ruby-red cherries. I try to hustle him away because I generally know the answer to the question he is about to ask the farmer: “Is it organic?” And I know he will shrug and walk away if the answer is “No.”

After years of shopping at this market, I have my favorite vendors. All grow organically, though some are not certified because they are too small-scale to add the cost of paperwork to their operations. They take care of the land, preserve biodiversity, work far too many hours and deliver explosions of flavor via their fruits and vegetables.

They are satisfying the demands of a growing movement of people wanting to navigate the tricky waters of ethical eating. These are people who want to know how producers are treating workers, animals and the planet. They are looking for claims they can trust and food they can safely eat. They often disagree about what is suitable fare and argue over what can be compromised and what cannot.

What they all have in common is a concern for the quality of food and the impacts of our food systems. A 2010 survey looked at ethical claims that mattered most to food shoppers and how their food purchases were influenced by ethical concerns. They found the definitions of “ethical” to be “broad, flexible and often highly personal.”

That means it is not easy to come up with one guide that suits everyone. Ultimately, first-hand knowledge of the people producing our food is the best assurance. However, in our globalized, mechanized world, that is not always possible.
The road to ethical eating is not straight. It has many branches, and every branch has many forks. Vegans, carnivores, vegetarians, ovo-lacto vegetarians, pescatarians, locavores and omnivores often square off over their own particular line in the sand.

If the questions all had easy answers, the choices would be so much simpler. They do not, in spite of our frequent attempts to insist our own perspective is the only ethical stance.

What is important is that we keep posing the questions and that we understand that our food choices are concrete examples of our personal ethics. We have the power to make a difference with every bite.
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Here is a fundamental principle of metaphysics: When you act in a positive manner that goes against an innate negative tendency, then you receive a great light. Each person on his own level can personally experience this. When you overcome even a minor temptation, you experience unlimited joy. And the greater the temptation, the greater the ecstasy of overcoming it!

The next time you overcome a temptation, visualize a great light permeating your entire being.

(see Rabbi Yeruchem Levovitz - Daas Chochmah Umussar, vol.1, p.74) 

.Rebellion, respekt, cooperation on a global scale. 
Worldwide people are in revolt. This is the result of centuries old oppression. Always when the oppression the lives of generations would be intolerable, would be intolerable word creates a counter pressure. There a keymoment that their have to loose nothing that more. Up to now it here and there was independent of a global context. Now, however, the energy of the unity awareness , is becoming global strengthened. Just as the planetary need to become independent, and the abuse to terminate. This earth has enough of the daily oppression and abuse, by its people. It is calling for respekt and harmony, and she sets regularly force requirement by means of natural disasters. And this is in order to control the population with a greater awareness, that coexistence and cooperation is necessary. Polluted water, polluted air, gift dumping, nuclear contamination, and I can make this list even more. Does not stop at the border. Thousands, or better millions of people and animals  ,suffering by which some people take decisions without considering the ecological consequences. Only in order to fill their bank account, and a life in scandalous luxury conditions. The need for justice, respekt, equivalence increases. This is in disorder, rebellion and demonstrations, to be heard. And this up to the challenge of oppressive laws and governments. An unwise act of onrespekt can have a major impact. See now a 30 minute video. ,shows lack one respect,  For a man who have inspare miljons of people.. The prophet Mohammed (peace on him) wanted to establish peace.  Through divine inspiration to establish a new belief, inductions and clear to people about how to work together, and how a relationship with the divine person. However, he is abused to more violence, oppression and war. As well as we know that, as Jesus of Nazareth, which is still inspiren teachings for  almost 2000 years. And still play a central role in the global scene, he tried the people of this world bring also  in harmony and peace. Also, leather is misused to oppression and war. Now the influence of faith weakened, show also the weakness and failure of the human public. With the freedom is also above that there is in the heart, little laws and rules are in place, in social interaction and tolerance. There is a large lack of respekt for all rules in general, and there is a very large intolerance mutual. Both of those already  supoose to be in the new energy and thinking. . And they who cling to the old faith. All of these tensions is now also fisiek express. If this earth and these people really want to be included, in the galactic family. it is absolutely necessary. That a global cooperation and under each other  respekt developed. As this population continues to starve eachother,to torture and kill, because of the oil ,money,believe ,country borders and other disputes. How do they think an develop intergalactic respekt ? Where there are still differences in lifestyle there and traditions? If there is tolerance  missing to those who belong to the large aerthfamily. how can we expect these people as a fully-fledged developed type our becoming recognized by higher civilized and developed planets.

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The earth needs transmission meditation 
The earth currently has a shortage of energy inflow. If ever there is a need for groups to transmissiemeditatie do. This is the higher energy to fall and in the earth flow. Up to now and still have been done, people have the habit and meditated, their to anchoring in the heart of the earth, and then all of their negativity in the ground to send the good while they get out of them. Now as i said sounds the lack one love for mother earth. What we need to do is just the negativity redrawn from the earth and refill it with positivity. Now we will all have a certain energy that we control. Either love, Reiki yellow, green, blue, purple, white, silver, or golden energy, we can all have a little something more. So it is time that there are certain groups are formed to transmission to do so. Please keep in mind that transmission meditation servitude is. that is to say you're not you can  let pay for it. Those who let them pay for a transmissiemeditatie is a thief of the universe. When you're use the term expenses  to be able to get a compensation following a wrong turn in his thinking. This servitude , you can get a growth of yourself and you'll save money on all of the courses and training that you're no longer must follow in order to get forward on your path. You can also further in the fisiek support. I admire all the people that are actively involved in nature conservation, animal welfare, the awarnes to be a vegetarian, they that work for the poor. It is not to deny that the group which has his shoulders under the restoration of this earth, still grows, there are beautiful souls among them with a big heart, even though they are not spiritual. All little ones make a great. Treasure yourself not to min in order to bring change to this world and search for your own good purpose. Beginning today
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.Channeling or own wisdom 
There is a difference between channel and and speak from their own wisdom. After meditation we will be able to do this in prayer or call with a higher energy, entity which our guide. You can have a guide, a lightmaster, an angel, or yourself. The lessons you learn in such a call are you wisdom. And from this piece of wisdom can you speak. However, if you're at the top for each answer. you're saying, you acknowledge that you are of your own guide in seperation.I f you want to get shut off to another full control over your body and think, you're also the risk that at a given moment, someone you can accept a preludes, and you're not more released word,. The risk of continued channeling is great ,that you might find yourself lost.
.Now there is opportunity to gain knowledge in this world. This world contains a wealth of literary and lessons of high masters. They're called prophets,high incarnation s, and the fact that the source of God word, name or no name makes no difference. In essence everything is together adds up to 1. And there are no new things. The bible, Thorah, Qoran, Bhagavat Ghita,Boedha
Are of interest in this world and say that they are written by ordinary people is completely idioterie. An ordinary man can not 2000 years history, believe,social laws, moral laws and art control. Not even a special charismatic person. In that case die the movement after about 150 years from when the founding person is lost is the first time by his pupils when it dropped, watered the involvement and the inspiration. And after 150-200 years. It is a point in the history, but if there are millions of by it may get, over a period of thousands of years, and a level of involvement at the global scale, for or against, but there is no indifference is. there is a lot more to it than that. As an abstract idea.
What we believe, too. And our look is greatly changed by our lives on other planets and in the other dimension' s. It is a fact that the life on earth, around 6 main strands in religion. And it is not up to us to judge whether this path is good or bad for the man. We are all still minor and no one is fully liberated, of karma,nor are we alwetend. How can we who are employed to the faith and development of the people who criticize them? If we the people and the earth real Want to help. They must be within their own thinking to a higher altitude. With due respect for their beliefs and habits.
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want you know, what you need to let go. be adware to what you kling it most.

olaf hoensan
A good friend dont say: you must do in command. He advise you what to do the best way. And if you make the wrong choise anyway. he just catch you to comfort. whitout saying:" ihave say it"
in us live whe al make the wrong choice s. the learning is not the making from right choice, but reconise whe have make the wrong one. So on the end whe must make a difficult one, who can be make only once. in that moment whe have the skill to make the right one, and whe can look back whitout regrets.