i live in retierd countryside now i am rather a night owl. I love the silence, and in particular the energy between 2 and 3 and hours. Around this time I started my dogs outside in the garden, for going to bed. And just outside of our wire 2 meters from the cornfield i saw the silouet of fox emissions. In the moonlight and the streetlight, i saw only black outline, but I felt the happiness of this unique meeting flow by me, and I would like to thank those who take care about my life, and that they have awarded me this place to live, and that I am surrounded with people that nature respekts and these animals a place for living allow to have. Therefore turn away my stress and my depression. I dared me barely move. The fox was freeze also. And that until 1 of my adorin dogs get him in the eye. He escaped by its gunfights in the corn. I consider his appearance as a gift to me; a reminder why i am here on earth; and do my utmost to make it a viable place for humans and animals. margarethaverbraeken@gmail.com