Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion~ the Dalai Lama

Kindness and compassion are the ultimate way to become connected with those around and the universe. Through kindness we can make ourselves and others feel better and become more open minded to all around us. Go out and bring kindness and compassion to the world.


on Wednesday 31 October 2012 16:14

A man, who is accused of hitting a dog with a stick and throwing it against a
wall, appeared in court this week.
 Konrad Kocjan, of Hereford Road, Bedford, 30, appeared at Bedford Magistrates Court on
Wednesday charged with causing unnecessary suffering against a female bull
terrier dog on five occasions.
The court heard that the RSPCA is accusing Mr Kocjan of abusing the dog at Jupiter
Walk in Kempston on five unknown dates between May and July this year.
He is accused of beating it with a strap and throwing it against a wall, slamming
the dog’s head against a wall, and beating it with a chain and also a stick.
Mr Kocjan was due to enter a plea, but the case was adjourned for three weeks until
November 21, as an application for legal aid had been delayed. Mr Kocjan will
return to court on that date at 2pm. He was released on unconditional

we dont change the world in silence. We must stand up for us prinicpes. Develop a trustful community worldwide.A place where us children wanted give birth to us granchildren

Betrayal has been going on for some false friends in spiritual way

  i regularly undertook post poems, you tube videos and wisdom on the net.
Just as I gift free spiritual explanations, to whom I consider as a friend or

  However, I have found that poems were herpost under a different name, and
they're so this showed simulate if they were their own work; in order to get
positive comments and i have you tube movie of myself found on other accounts,
complete with my own personal drawings.
There is a knowledge and interpretation of me, in presumed channelings of
hathors. Complete with my own energiepatron. because its was a ensemblage' from
the copy s from my e-mail and placed in a setting that the telepatich contact
was with the hathors. I would like to be clear,claiming i am a hathor is an
Now someone asked me for help, because I am its trusted gave i a personal
prayer s the next day was the one line under its copyright and the name of
Another group i have a meditation taught without any earnings and now do they
use this meditation in order to make themselves important and to earn money
with. I am complete outside.
We are not talking about the parts of my postings. with sharing links . But change the credit name for their own.
It is an abuse of my good trust and mercy and confidence.
I have all of this to the lightguidance and this has said to me:

These are the voices of the fathers. The guardians of the truth and justice,
see we see pure and know, and darkness and unjustice can not stand in front of
us. Even though it appears that we stand by and watch in silence, and allow it to
happen. We know who is the source of the writhing and voice, and to whom we
speak and to those who do not. Anyone who is doing this for the recognition of
the people, who have already had.  nothing of this will come off to us. And what
has been stolen, will double be removed. Only he who is here to stay, can speak
in authority, and a prayer in a wrong thinking is useless, and be careful for
the snakes that nest in the heart. Because they take themselves titles and are
blinded by their own light and perceived importance. We are the ones who decide
who will receive the holy grail in the heart, and who they may never be deprived
and we know

energized by my escorts Chi Ma Ha Nja chum Pu Pai  Christ

  In Short who steals another his work and wisdom to show them off under his
own name. Mental health will ultimately lose more than it wins. This life is not
the first, and it is also not the last, in the end we are all weighted to what
we ourselves are. Stolen goods makes the soul heavy, so that the scale is based
on the wrong side and this includes not only matrial but also in mental and
spiritual affairs.

Many people are in the process and earthcleaning earthhealing with one or other form of energyhealing. is this enough? No,to this earth in order to have the hands out of the sleeves are inserted. If there is dirt on the road, or in the forest. Do not sit down beside you can go there and meditated until it disappears. Only spiritual and meditated, and are working on is not enough. It is also unfair to expect that God, the angels or the Aliëns. our mess, clean-up. After that we have about 200 years on this planet we almost to destruction have brought us another given would be, without that we the respekt to deal with it have learned. People need to wake up and we must make our voice heard. Word is not purified The earth by a symbolic action. .or by a few. The conservation and restoration of this earth should be by all the people we should be with us all green thinking. Dirty beaches must be cleaned up. We need to increase recycling and turn our backs on to the throwaway society. Groups must band together in place of money, services. The second-hand market should grow. And above all, should we put the animals back. This is to say, we accept that there are snails, tracks and moles sit in the garden. We'll make sure to let the apples, pears and other things that we should not have, in the garden for the animals and our lawn may also contain other plants and grass and we choose for everything as far as possible the natural way; eradicate trow away stuf, plastic and other as much as possible out of our lives.Of course it is not so simple life more, and easily the alternative is that we go garanty on the destruction of the earth are diluting.There is no Maya calendar, or special knowledge required. Now already dying birds ,fish, and al differnts kinds animals in mass by the effects of plastic in oceans and on land. Oil polluted the oceans of the world, and large parts of the country unfit for crops to grow. The zoo should now not more to special animals exhibit. But in order to support breeding program s , to animals which are threatened with extinction back a existence to the outside of the contamination are sea s fished empty. Animals are reared and keep in a way, be slaughter in a manner that it is inhumane, let alone that this practice are that are common to a higher planet. There is food enough in the world for the 6 billion people, even for 12 billion people, is only the diet incorrectly. Many people eat too much. to luxurious, and spend money on 1 meal. Where 100 others a meal can. If the man back cereals and vegetables going to eat, instead of animals. There is a lump sum for a lot more people eat. What has this to do with earth healing? Now mother earth will feel the suffering of its inhabitants, of the animals, of the human children. Millions of children who live on the streets without a daily meal and the proper shelter, animals that do not fit be awarded in order to live with, and the massive logging. The nuclear and plastic poissent. ,touch its mental and physical. Its fate is linked to us. Life on earth, in symbiosis to be prosper of both. If the man in a civilised and enlightened mentions. He must also act. Everyone should make an effort, in order to save this planet and habitable. Those who have been here active are doing, contribute more  to the rescue of the planet,as  those who weekly transmission meditation. When the earth has been created, and with proper deals with word respekt. will they raise energy in everyone of us can begin to join petitions. By consciousness to create more headaches, make efforts to inspire others. The earth, our motherplanet counting on us.
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Chinese Proverb: 

'When  someone shares something of value with you, and you benefit  from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with  others.

.Only pureley in heart  can purely speak.

A christheart will always suffer. Because it feels sympathy for others, it can not disconnect, from the suffering around. And each will feel the suffering as if they were self-inflicted. 

The illuminated can speak only truth. Because he himself is true, 

be fair not cloning share link