Today's Kartik Prayer
"O King of brahmanas, when someone offers Him a lamp on the full-moon day of the month of Karttika, Lord Krishna, finding that He does not have sufficient money to repay that gift, gives Himself in exchange for that lamp."

If you want a concept to become part of your habitual thought process, keep repeating it to yourself again and again. Even though you might not gain a deeper understanding of the concept, the constant repetition enables you to internalize it until it becomes part of your own way of thinking.

The Talmud relates that Rabbi Prayda had a student who needed to hear a lesson 400 times until he comprehended it. Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein used to say that when it comes to elevating our attitudes, we are all the same as that student. If we sincerely want to integrate a new attitude, we need to repeat it over and over again. Even if a person is highly intelligent, unless he reviews the concepts hundreds of times, they will not be properly ingrained.

(see Daas Chochmah Umussar, vol.1, p.114; Darkai Mussar, p.60; Gateway to Happiness, p.69)

Somtimes we are stuck. in what ever we do. we dont succeed. So the mantra from lord ganesha helps remove the obstacles one us path.
We chant is 108 time s a day 40 day s long

Ohm gam ganapataye namaha

explanation about lord ganesha you finf here