.Channeling or own wisdom 
There is a difference between channel and and speak from their own wisdom. After meditation we will be able to do this in prayer or call with a higher energy, entity which our guide. You can have a guide, a lightmaster, an angel, or yourself. The lessons you learn in such a call are you wisdom. And from this piece of wisdom can you speak. However, if you're at the top for each answer. you're saying, you acknowledge that you are of your own guide in seperation.I f you want to get shut off to another full control over your body and think, you're also the risk that at a given moment, someone you can accept a preludes, and you're not more released word,. The risk of continued channeling is great ,that you might find yourself lost.
.Now there is opportunity to gain knowledge in this world. This world contains a wealth of literary and lessons of high masters. They're called prophets,high incarnation s, and the fact that the source of God word, name or no name makes no difference. In essence everything is together adds up to 1. And there are no new things. The bible, Thorah, Qoran, Bhagavat Ghita,Boedha
Are of interest in this world and say that they are written by ordinary people is completely idioterie. An ordinary man can not 2000 years history, believe,social laws, moral laws and art control. Not even a special charismatic person. In that case die the movement after about 150 years from when the founding person is lost is the first time by his pupils when it dropped, watered the involvement and the inspiration. And after 150-200 years. It is a point in the history, but if there are millions of by it may get, over a period of thousands of years, and a level of involvement at the global scale, for or against, but there is no indifference is. there is a lot more to it than that. As an abstract idea.
What we believe, too. And our look is greatly changed by our lives on other planets and in the other dimension' s. It is a fact that the life on earth, around 6 main strands in religion. And it is not up to us to judge whether this path is good or bad for the man. We are all still minor and no one is fully liberated, of karma,nor are we alwetend. How can we who are employed to the faith and development of the people who criticize them? If we the people and the earth real Want to help. They must be within their own thinking to a higher altitude. With due respect for their beliefs and habits.
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