Betrayal has been going on for some false friends in spiritual way

  i regularly undertook post poems, you tube videos and wisdom on the net.
Just as I gift free spiritual explanations, to whom I consider as a friend or

  However, I have found that poems were herpost under a different name, and
they're so this showed simulate if they were their own work; in order to get
positive comments and i have you tube movie of myself found on other accounts,
complete with my own personal drawings.
There is a knowledge and interpretation of me, in presumed channelings of
hathors. Complete with my own energiepatron. because its was a ensemblage' from
the copy s from my e-mail and placed in a setting that the telepatich contact
was with the hathors. I would like to be clear,claiming i am a hathor is an
Now someone asked me for help, because I am its trusted gave i a personal
prayer s the next day was the one line under its copyright and the name of
Another group i have a meditation taught without any earnings and now do they
use this meditation in order to make themselves important and to earn money
with. I am complete outside.
We are not talking about the parts of my postings. with sharing links . But change the credit name for their own.
It is an abuse of my good trust and mercy and confidence.
I have all of this to the lightguidance and this has said to me:

These are the voices of the fathers. The guardians of the truth and justice,
see we see pure and know, and darkness and unjustice can not stand in front of
us. Even though it appears that we stand by and watch in silence, and allow it to
happen. We know who is the source of the writhing and voice, and to whom we
speak and to those who do not. Anyone who is doing this for the recognition of
the people, who have already had.  nothing of this will come off to us. And what
has been stolen, will double be removed. Only he who is here to stay, can speak
in authority, and a prayer in a wrong thinking is useless, and be careful for
the snakes that nest in the heart. Because they take themselves titles and are
blinded by their own light and perceived importance. We are the ones who decide
who will receive the holy grail in the heart, and who they may never be deprived
and we know

energized by my escorts Chi Ma Ha Nja chum Pu Pai  Christ

  In Short who steals another his work and wisdom to show them off under his
own name. Mental health will ultimately lose more than it wins. This life is not
the first, and it is also not the last, in the end we are all weighted to what
we ourselves are. Stolen goods makes the soul heavy, so that the scale is based
on the wrong side and this includes not only matrial but also in mental and
spiritual affairs.

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