Prayer and gratitude 

Prayer is a connection with the highest energy. Now it is of all prayers the expressed gratitude for what you get from above the strongst. say thank you let what you get still increasing, just as we are more inclined to a person who shows genuine gratitude to us, and more to give, it is also god/universe the supreme power over all tend to give us more, in this we are to God equil in us feeling. Now is not enough time in the buse world whe live to say one regural base thanks to God there.  Only in case of an emergency and difficult time we remind us that something or someone who is above us. In order to be heard in an emergency and to know how we should pray and ask questions. We need to start in less bad times; we can easily begin with short pray s and preparing reconciliations, in all the time that we stand for the red light, in the file. And specially if we are to our computer, and get the message, please wait. the web site or the program is loaded. There are many lost times of day, short moments that go unused, in order to strengthen the connection and to anchor us in the Divine line. What you're looking for God, is less important. According to culture give people a different name and title of the supreme lord of all universes, he that is above everything. the God image shifts according to the growing understanding of the public awareness. But be honest with itself recognized that those who are in a mortal remains body on this earth lives, not the higest of all. Most of us do not have their own lives in our hands, nor are they on their own legs. So, please make sure that you know God and you're not as unknown to him, call waiting in an emergency.

margarethaverbraeken@gmail;com use babylon to translate gebed en dankbaarheid

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