.Rebellion, respekt, cooperation on a global scale. 
Worldwide people are in revolt. This is the result of centuries old oppression. Always when the oppression the lives of generations would be intolerable, would be intolerable word creates a counter pressure. There a keymoment that their have to loose nothing that more. Up to now it here and there was independent of a global context. Now, however, the energy of the unity awareness , is becoming global strengthened. Just as the planetary need to become independent, and the abuse to terminate. This earth has enough of the daily oppression and abuse, by its people. It is calling for respekt and harmony, and she sets regularly force requirement by means of natural disasters. And this is in order to control the population with a greater awareness, that coexistence and cooperation is necessary. Polluted water, polluted air, gift dumping, nuclear contamination, and I can make this list even more. Does not stop at the border. Thousands, or better millions of people and animals  ,suffering by which some people take decisions without considering the ecological consequences. Only in order to fill their bank account, and a life in scandalous luxury conditions. The need for justice, respekt, equivalence increases. This is in disorder, rebellion and demonstrations, to be heard. And this up to the challenge of oppressive laws and governments. An unwise act of onrespekt can have a major impact. See now a 30 minute video. ,shows lack one respect,  For a man who have inspare miljons of people.. The prophet Mohammed (peace on him) wanted to establish peace.  Through divine inspiration to establish a new belief, inductions and clear to people about how to work together, and how a relationship with the divine person. However, he is abused to more violence, oppression and war. As well as we know that, as Jesus of Nazareth, which is still inspiren teachings for  almost 2000 years. And still play a central role in the global scene, he tried the people of this world bring also  in harmony and peace. Also, leather is misused to oppression and war. Now the influence of faith weakened, show also the weakness and failure of the human public. With the freedom is also above that there is in the heart, little laws and rules are in place, in social interaction and tolerance. There is a large lack of respekt for all rules in general, and there is a very large intolerance mutual. Both of those already  supoose to be in the new energy and thinking. . And they who cling to the old faith. All of these tensions is now also fisiek express. If this earth and these people really want to be included, in the galactic family. it is absolutely necessary. That a global cooperation and under each other  respekt developed. As this population continues to starve eachother,to torture and kill, because of the oil ,money,believe ,country borders and other disputes. How do they think an develop intergalactic respekt ? Where there are still differences in lifestyle there and traditions? If there is tolerance  missing to those who belong to the large aerthfamily. how can we expect these people as a fully-fledged developed type our becoming recognized by higher civilized and developed planets.

if mi engelish is not perfect i use Babylon translation. and a translationbook. 
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