The control over the water,

in addition to the money, oil, violence is in the more free states water the ultimate control means so that nothing can be so very missed as drinking water. We are now in all sides been manipulated and controlled. Sometimes it’s just innocent. And often we even welcome it. We should think less and less decide. It is now here in Belgium launched a campaign, in order to convince people, tap water to drink instead of bottles of water. Now water can be used for everything. Just as in the past there fluoride was added because it was thought that this was good for the teeth. Water may be used against the people, because if the manufacturers of source, mountainwater out, due to a lack of sales. Is the power. In the tap water supplier. If they decide that the people should be allowed no more children. contraception can easily do in the water. Or as one or the other would like to love a city massacring a bacterium in the water, far-fetched? In any event, it is a fact that a summit of the people believe that the world is overcrowded. And in doing so we are talking about when we talk about it is that they do not want to return to another planet a soulreplacement. no they want to own more place on this earth. Now the economy collapses, people are living longer, and the sick better care. grows the number of people who shall be mantain by the working class. Perhaps, this is the solution for them to get rid to do with that. Meanwhile the tap water is already full of chemical stuff in order to make the drinking if i join a aqaurium fill, my goldfish could handle it death. In my pompwater does not. Now if everyone depending on word of the stopcocks are water, it is very easy to make from a bacterium, people to weed. Or to use as leverage, do what we say or no water for you. Perhaps I’m still too much to the conspiray theory s of venture. Since I pay for additional discovery,Sy fy and history, i know more and better what is happening on this earth in civilized countries. In any event, I am pleased with my own well water. I feel a little safer through it.

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