The earth needs transmission meditation 
The earth currently has a shortage of energy inflow. If ever there is a need for groups to transmissiemeditatie do. This is the higher energy to fall and in the earth flow. Up to now and still have been done, people have the habit and meditated, their to anchoring in the heart of the earth, and then all of their negativity in the ground to send the good while they get out of them. Now as i said sounds the lack one love for mother earth. What we need to do is just the negativity redrawn from the earth and refill it with positivity. Now we will all have a certain energy that we control. Either love, Reiki yellow, green, blue, purple, white, silver, or golden energy, we can all have a little something more. So it is time that there are certain groups are formed to transmission to do so. Please keep in mind that transmission meditation servitude is. that is to say you're not you can  let pay for it. Those who let them pay for a transmissiemeditatie is a thief of the universe. When you're use the term expenses  to be able to get a compensation following a wrong turn in his thinking. This servitude , you can get a growth of yourself and you'll save money on all of the courses and training that you're no longer must follow in order to get forward on your path. You can also further in the fisiek support. I admire all the people that are actively involved in nature conservation, animal welfare, the awarnes to be a vegetarian, they that work for the poor. It is not to deny that the group which has his shoulders under the restoration of this earth, still grows, there are beautiful souls among them with a big heart, even though they are not spiritual. All little ones make a great. Treasure yourself not to min in order to bring change to this world and search for your own good purpose. Beginning today
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