What we are measuring a high civilisation? Art and music? Litarituur? Or the social society with a place for the weak in society? The general view is that together they form a whole, as the first place the care of the weak, because in the progress made in the last 50 years. the emergence of the weaker members, is the social feeling has become a law, but is it so? After a turnout slide the social facilities and reception back. Unemployment benefit set up to bridge between periods between 2 jobs, and reduced and is not a enough to allow for the basic needs to provide and what working man now has a saving where he is only years of can survive, just as the healt benefiet income. In order to be entitled to have more than one year in disease failed to. You must 66 pct lost the ability to work. whatt boss want hire , in these times a person who can perform only 40 pct? Because yes they give you 65 pct and you fall anywhere outside. And you'll have to do anywhere a effects test for you somewhere be hire for work, so why would someone shal take the the boss in,which can not perform 100 pct ,if there is a choice of hundreds of others who 110 pct can work, and now this is Belgium, the social worker's paradise , elsewhere is even worse, no unemployment insurance, no health insurance; not even a workers union. Slavery still exists in the world. Men, women and children 7 days a week 14 hours a day at work for 1 meal a day, not every child can attend school. often we forget that the elsewhere in the world t life is  not so beautiful. Even in the problems of poverty grow Europe. think of Greece, Spain, England, and also in belgium it starts. Thousands of street children that live as rats in sewers  in Russia, girls who have no right to life in India & China. The women in the closed Muslim countries. If i only the visible problems would be list of country by country. I have a booklet vol. and this is the top of the iceberg as far as the public knows. The improprieties are has become so commonplace, that nobody still take the trouble to hide them. Closer to home, there is a too short to care for the elderly the disable and children with special needs, and to be honest? If you care for weak as yardstick. is this world not even to mention civilized. So the question is, why do we expect that this earth not only to the 4e diemensie shifts, but even greater, its becomes  time to be ralistisch , and  remove the pink glasses. The energies of change and meditated helps to support, but we need to also support this change in the practice, with the words of the greatest teacher ever Jesouha the carpenter of Nazareth, the Christ has been hailed as if it detects the tree on its fruit, can a bad tree produce good fruit? I can tell you only a good tree can produce good fruit. So you'll be able to recognize the human rights action. a bad human rights brings bad deeds, a good human being good deeds. The change in this world is in our hands, we should not change the world. We will start with ourselves, our neighborhood, the more this it may be, the greater the change will be. We change the civilisation by to make our voice heard. to protest against injustice and to open our heart for the weak. Without a voice to speak for them. we start petitions, we sign, or we will contend. One vote makes not much difference; thousands and millions of. This earth is our home. There should be no suffering far away from our bed. What is happening to earth touches all of us. where this happens. energy knows no changing limits. i have use babylon to help translate

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